Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Letter by Dorothy Leland rebuttal to Daily Republic news article on Lyme

Dorothy wrote an excellent article, and I'm very glad she refuted Scott Anderson. I tried multiple times to post a comment, but the link does not respond.

— Virginia

Check it out!


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You probably didn't see the article that inspired her to write it. Its title is 

Long-term antibiotics not helpful in treating Lyme disease
One of the things the author states is a common myth, since research says up to half the patients continue to have chronic symptoms, not "a minority."

He wrote: "There is a minority of patients, however, who are diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease," 

Daily Republic published it in June and it had only 2 comments.


It was good of them to give Dorothy this opportunity.

Now go and comment so the paper knows we care.


Phyllis Mervine,   CaliforniaLyme    www.LymeDisease.org

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