Sunday, April 17, 2016

Curios about Low-Dose Naltrexone?

Originally a treatment for cancer, in low doses this drug seems to help with many symptoms related to Lyme, CFIDS, MS and other neurological conditions. I bumped into a collection of articles about LDN today on a Yahoo Group that I subscribe to, and thought I should share it here for anyone interested in reading more about LDN. This seems to be a bit of a treasure trove of LDN info. By the way, LDN is inexpensive (about $35 for a month's supply) but word among those in the know is that you'll need to find a compounding pharmacy that specializes in LDN to purchase it from. I keep reading that Skip's Pharmacy in Florida is the most reliable source. 


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<<<<< The LDN Story (1 hr video) as seen by European Mds. >>>>> 

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