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PA woman says she was sickened by risky Lyme treatment

Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:24 pm (PST) . 

*Pa. woman says she was sickened by risky Lyme treatment*
Tom Avril, /The Philadelphia Inquirer/, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

December 8, 2015
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Ashley Pettis started to have trouble concentrating at the end of spring 
semester in 2013 at Lancaster Bible College, and soon began to feel 
sluggish and achy.

Exhausted by the end of the summer, she was found to have mononucleosis. 
But later, she still felt sick, and went that fall to Haverford Wellness 
Center in the Montgomery County town of Harleysville, seeking answers.

Clinicians there said she had late-stage Lyme disease, a chronic form of 
the tick-borne illness that is diagnosed in an estimated 300,000 
Americans a year.
The treatment they administered was controversial: five months of 
heavy-duty oral and intravenous antibiotics costing tens of thousands of 
dollars that her insurance would not cover.

Pettis did not have Lyme disease at all.

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