Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ultimate cause of Alzheimer's may be fungal, cadaver study suggests

Ultimate cause of Alzheimer's may be fungal, cadaver study suggests.

The Economist (10/23/15) reports that a study published online Oct. 15 in the journal Scientific Reports suggests that "the ultimate cause of Alzheimer's is fungal." Researchers arrived at this conclusion after examining "brain tissue from 25 cadavers, 14 of which belonged to people who had had Alzheimer's disease when alive." The study authors now "think a clinical trial of anti-fungal drugs is the next logical step."
Robert C Bransfield, MD, DLFAPA

Alzheimer's patients have high levels of ceramides, lipid rafts comprised of very long chain fatty acids.
Mattson published this initially in an NIH study in 2004 and
  again in 2010 
Alzheimer's does not originate in the brain as once thought, it is a peroxisomal disorder induced by toxic insult turning on cytokines and
 disabling / inhibiting the ability to beta oxidize (burn) very long chain fatty acids.
Spirochetes feed on very long chain fatty acids, in fact, lyme cannot survive without very long chain fatty acid food source
  because they cannot form them.  The base of the flagellum consists of these very long chain fatty acids.  The flagellum
 swings like a wrecking ball (Edward Kane, age 90, description of the phenomenon) and is nonfunctional without these
 specialized very long chain fatty acids it feeds on from its host.
Toxic mold exposure results in  DNA adducts (epigenetic) insult, cytokine expression, major inhibition of beta oxidation, and a sharp rise in 
   very long chain fatty acids.
Its not just in Alzheimers...also psychiatric disorders, metabolic abnormalities, Autism, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, Post Stroke, NeuroLyme, CFS....

Explains also why they do so well with phenylbutyrate. potent anti-fungal.
Easy to treat.  Who paid attention to my previous writings....

Dr. Patricia Kane, PhD, Director
NeuroLipid Research Foundation

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