Saturday, January 3, 2015

Backyard Bug Patrol | Protecting Your Kids From Lyme Disease

Dear readers,

Through a series of interesting connections from olden days when I used to work in a stereo shop in about 1980, I got a phone call tonight from a fellow who used to be my boss back then. He told me about his efforts in New Jersey and Maine a few years ago trying to stop or at least slow down the Lyme infection rate in the general human population. Knowing that the white-footed mouse is a major vector in the life cycle of Lyme ticks, he got active in trying to get folks to use something called a "tick tunnel." 

After a little googling around, I came up with this page. I would suggest reading up about this gadget. It doesn't kill the mice or the other wildlife (such as rats) that runs through it. Instead, what it does is it claims to kill the ticks that are on the mice.

If you are interested in reading up on how to keep yourself and your kids safe from Lyme disease, you will want to check out this blog that addresses all manner of bugs and whatnot that your kids can be exposed to in your own backyard.


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