Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Lyme conference videos available online

Dear blog readers: 

I just received this message this morning from a Lyme disease group on the east coast of the US, in the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area (abbreviated "Delmarva") and I want to pass it on. Here is what the news release said:

This past May, our group hosted a "Symposium on Tick-borne Diseases" - a full day conference with an incredible line-up of speakers.  The conference was well-attended by medical and counseling professionals from several different states.  The problem was, that we were mostly shut out by the medical community in our own backyard.  So one woman who is friends with many doctors practicing on the mid-Delmarva area started asking why her friends weren't attending the conference.  The answers were varied, but one that kept being repeated was that the doctors didn't want to be seen at the conference, because of peer pressure.

And thus, a YouTube channel was born which will eventually have all of the videos from our conference available.  Right now, there are just two:  Dr. Burrascano's presentation on Lyme disease; and Dr. Horowitz's presentation on tick-borne co-infections.  In the coming days, the other four videos will be uploaded and made available.  These include a presentation by Dr. Bransfield on the neuropsychiatric manifestations of tick-borne diseases; a presentation by Dr. Sunjya Schweig on the Lyme and gut connection; and another presentation by Dr. Horowitz on the Lyme-MSIDS Map which explains contributing factors preventing healing.  We also filmed the question and answer session which will also be uploaded.  During this session, Dr. Burrascano successfully enticed Dr. Horowitz to sing his now-famous Lyme song.  It was a great day filled with excellent presentations and we're very happy to be able to provide the presentations on YouTube. 


The channel's name is "Lyme Association of Delmarva" to reflect our upcoming name change.

Marilyn Williams

Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of Maryland

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