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Ozone therapy for Lyme? One person's account

I've been in conversation with someone from the ozone and Lyme Facebook page about the various kinds of ozone treatments for Lyme. I thought it might be helpful for Lyme patients who are considering ozone therapy to read the conversation. This is a work in progress, as the patient (who wants to remain anonymouse) reports in. I'll try to update this post as the reports of success or failure come in. Feel free to leave comments and get the conversation going....


Abbreviations are:

DIV = direct ozone IV

MAH =  major auto hemotherapy (another ozone treatment equivalent to DIV);

UV = ultraviolet light used as part of MAH treatment.

The only other place I know that uses ozone for Lyme like this on west coast is Gordon Medical, and I think this clinic is less expensive than Gordon although have not done exact comparison.

I have lots of info for everyone who is looking at the Nevada Center for ozone treatment. This is Dr. Shallenberger's clinic. You may have seen his newsletters. Here's the web site:

Today the receptionist told me that there are a bunch of Lyme people calling in to ask about pricing, and they were trying to figure out what to tell them. She wanted to know what we're averaging a day. So I thought about it and came up with some figures. They want this info to get out there, so I'm going to post it here.

There are two of us, and we're on different protocols, but the pricing is pretty much the same for both protocols.

The basic Lyme protocol for most people is DIV + Glutathione twice a day. My friend who is also being treated is doing a new, modified protocol, which is MAH + UV twice a day because she wasn't tolerating the DIV or the glutathione.

The CHEAPEST day here, where we would only do DIV or MAH twice daily (including Glutathione for the DIV, or UV for the MAH) is $300 per day, per person. Each of those treatments is $150. The glutathione is the expensive part of the DIV, at $125. The ozone in every case is $25 each time. The MAH plus UV is a total of $150 including ozone. If glut doesn't agree with you, you need to really let them know. They default to using it but I believe you can get it removed if you can't tolerate it.

This daily price, of course, doesn't include the extras - like colonics, ozone steam sauna, MCN, prolozone shots, and other IVs (lactated ringers IV comes to mind for us).
Ozone steam sauna is $45
Prolozone shots vary from $100- $200 apiece, depending on where in your body you get them.
Colonics are $97.50
Lactated Ringer IV is $75
"Myers Cocktail" IV is $110 if I read my receipt correctly.
Testing is not included in this list as it varies widely.
Supplements not included here for the same reason.

If you were going to go minimal and do all the DIV/MAH treatments each 4-day week, and add in one ozone sauna and one colonic, you would come out at $300x4= $1200, plus $45 plus $97.50 = $1342.50 per week.

If you were going to do more on the detox front, I'd add in at least one additional colonic and sauna a week. Consider that you might need a lactated ringer (this alkalizes your system), a Myers, or some other IV in addition at least a couple of times. My friend is needing the LR every day.

If you want to do the microcurrent neurofeedback (MCN) with Barry, that's another price and I don't actually have that information. You'd have to contact him for that and figure it out.

As for lodging, the Plaza Hotel is perfectly ok except the wifi is terrible here. Staff is really nice and the place is clean. Their pricing for the units with a kitchenette vary from $30 a night for the double queen room (that building is kind of crummy looking to be perfectly honest) to $45 a night for the king suite with kitchenette. Nevada has a law where the tax is waived if you stay for 28 days or more, so if you're planning to come for a month, take this into account. It saves you a lot of money. Also if you end up in a room with a tiny fridge, you can ask for a large fridge to replace it. They do have several.

I hope this info is helpful for everyone.

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  1. Hello, nice price break down. Just to let you know, there is a great clinic on Brattleboro VT offering all of those treatments. Just google Dr. Maiella's practice in Brattleboro VT. She specializes in Lyme.



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