Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Here's some advice that I found on the Lyme listserv today. Thought I should share it. Thanks to Tara for writing this up.

Don't worry about not having access to supplements--supplements can actually hurt you. It's best to get everything that you need from your diet.

Inexpensive healing tools:

* heating your body, by a hot bath with Epsom Salt or the sauna. Every day, you should heat your body until you are sweating, it helps fight infections as well as cleanse toxins out of your body. Just make sure to stay hydrated, ideally by drinking coconut water. If you feel too uncomfortable, stop. Listen to what your body is telling you.

* sunshine. A little sunshine every day goes a long way.

* yoga. The deep breathing in yoga is particularly healing. You can watch free yoga videos online if you don't know know the steps (I'm not very good myself).

* laughter. This one sounds kinda crazy, but make yourself laugh into a laughing for every day. Studies have shown laughter releases chemicals in the brain that promote a feeling of wellness and healing.

* sing in the shower. Kinda like yoga, singing helps give your lungs a workout, as well as help pumps oxygen throughout your body.

* heating pad. For joints that hurt, a heating pad can help soothe pain.

* hot tea. Green tea, but there are many different kinds of teas that promote healing. Teas are very important.

* food. This one can get expensive, but it's absolutely critical. What you put in your body must be healthy all the time. Think of it, like 'is this going to help me or hurt me?'

A good source of free advice I've found over the years are the people who work in the supplement section at Whole Foods. If you explain to them your financial situation, they will still offer good suggestions and point you in the right direction. I've found most of the people who work in that department have a genuine love of healing the body naturally, and aren't trying to hustle one product or service.

I would be careful about doing hydrogen therapy or lemon water things, because you can upset your body's internal balance too much. Our bodies need a balance of electrolytes, and if we put in too much of one thing at once, it can cause us a lot of harm.


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