Sunday, November 18, 2012

NY Newspaper and Videos about Lyme controversy

I picked this up off of the California Lyme listserv today. Apparently, a reporter for a newspaper in Poughkeepsie, NY (a major endemic Lyme area) has been working on a series of articles about the Lyme controversy. The whole panoply of issues around Lyme is being examined, e.g. underreporting, problems with patient care, co-infections (babesia and the national blood supply), and so on. The reporter's name is Mary Beth Pfeiffer.  The newspaper is the Poughkeepsie JournalAlso, look out for part two of our special report on Lyme disease will continue in Sunday's Journal. (Sunday Aug 19, 2012)



In 2010, 94% of Lyme disease cases were reported from 12 states: New York being one of them with nearly 2,385 diagnosed cases. The Journal conducted an in-depth analysis of treatment options, # of cases and severity of Chronic Lyme disease in our region. Look up Friday's Journal to see what we found out about cases in the Mid-Hudson Valley – in particular Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Greene counties. You might be surprised.
Have you ever been diagnosed with Lyme disease? If so, how long did it take before you felt better? What treatment(s) was/were used? Let us know about your case.


With this article, the Poughkeepsie Journal begins an intensive look at Lyme disease and its repercussions in the Hudson Valley, a region with the nation’s highest rates. 

The author interviews Pat Smith, Drs. Fallon, Horowitz, Liegner, Pam Weintraub, Congressman Gibson, Assemblyman Miller and many others including Drs. Baker and Wormser.

1. Video Interview of chronic Lyme patients|tvideo2|article

2. Exposé about the seriousness and underreporting in NYS as started in
CT and spread to WI - Where next?

3. About the seriousness of Babesia|mostview
4. SAVE THE DATE - THURSDAY Aug 23, 2012 - ONLINE CHAT with reporter 7 PM

Get online to tell her your story: what is going on in the south, CT, CA,
the IDSA.


There are only a few comments, and hardly any tweets or FB entries, as of this posting. Let's encourage this courageous reporter. 

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