Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Institute of Medicine Lyme Talks

Here is a talk by Leila Zachrison at the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. 

It's a thorough, compassionate, and very specific talk given to other doctors by a Lyme specialist. 

No matter whether you have a Mac, PC, iPhone or iPad, you can listen or download them for free on iTunes. 

"Lyme disease against all odds"

Part I: #13
Part II: #10
Part III: #7
Part IV: #5

There are also talks on there from Burrascano and Stricker: "Controversies in LymeDisease Diagnosis" and "Tick Borne Diseases Update"

Thanks to Angela Arthur for this tip. 

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  1. Leila Zackrison is really wonderful speaker, brilliant mind~! So interesting to hear Doctors in lecture settings, FOR doctors, health care professionals..I'm reminded what an age of discovery we are in. Thanks for bringing the podcast forward and sharing here, Bob (via Angela A).


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