Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Under Our Skin movie about Lyme seen widely

Here's the latest scoop on the success of the Lyme documentary that everyone interested in Lyme should see at least once

UNDER OUR SKIN: Lyme Awareness Month Roundup, DVD Price Drop
Community support is helping save lives one viewing at a time

With the Lyme disease epidemic unchecked and the medical-industrial complex failing those in need, UNDER OUR SKIN continues to open eyes and change minds. Last month was National Lyme Disease Awareness Month and, in honor of this, we created initiatives to encourage and support community screenings nationwide. Over 50 educational screenings took place in the one month. In addition, UNDER OUR SKIN was rebroadcast on public television stations 112 times in May, and there are an additional 33 airdates scheduled in June (including New York, LA, and San Francisco), bringing the film's total reach to 84% of the U.S. As a way to continue to support community engagement and widespread viewing of the film, we've dropped the price of our Community Use DVD to $79. We also have a number of new package specials on our online store. And, remember, we're always here to help you organize and promote your events, so stay in touch!‣ Learn more

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