Thursday, February 2, 2012

Essentiale-N IV’s


The work of Patricia Kane PhD has brought to light the crucial importance of phosphatidylcholine (PC). Perhaps you have never heard of it. It is a component of lecithin, and the major phospholipid of every human cell membrane. It is also a precursor to acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter, via its intermediary choline. It is used in orthodox medicine for the treatment and prophylaxis of fatty embolism, and is the active ingredient in Plaque-X which has been marketed and used In Europe for the treatment of arteriosclerosis and reversal of plaque for many years. Drs Kane and Braccia have developed their own protocol for administration of the imported Essential- N brand of PC and have been applying it clinically for neurodetoxification and for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS, as well as Lyme, CFIDS, fibromyalgia, autism, hepatitis, and mood disorders. The “PK Protocol” named after originator Patricia Kane PhD, involves IV push of lower doses of stabilized PC known as Essential –N. This is the product Caring Medical now uses for all therapeutic administration of PC. Certain neurologic conditions will require twice daily injections of PC, often followed by IV glutathione, but the maximum amount of Essentiale-N per IVP is 2 vials or 10cc given up to twice daily. The usual frequency of IV’s is twice weekly. Successful therapy with PC is associated with a drop in serum CPK. and improvement in the FACT vision testing score. The IV is administered as a short IV push. ...

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