Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Herbs helpful for Lyme

From a Lyme Yahoo group:

Similax/Sarsasparilla - binds to neurotoxins, neuroprotection

Japanese Knotweed - for neurotoxins, has high resveratrol content, crosses the blood brain barrier, anti-inflamnatory, neuroprotective, protects liver from toxins, stimulates micro-circulation

Stephani root - anti-inflammnatory, as good as corticosterioids

Ginko biloba - for brain hypoperfusion

Red Root - to clear cellular debri (I use to help clear out Babesia carnage)

Burdock - system cleanser, eliminates toxins

Andrographis(warning: don't take if have Chronic Lyme) - anti-toxin, alleviates pain, nerve pain, chronic inflammation

cats claw - anti-inflamnatory, immune modulator, protects the heart, general tonic, boosts CD-57 white blood cells

artemisia - crosses blood brain barrier, anti-inflammatory (caution: I read something about it being bad for CFS, but many have success with it for babesia)

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