Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another New Lyme Test Lab

Central Florida Research claims to have a good Lyme test for both humans and pets.

A Smarter Test - The Lyme Disease Antigen Test by Flow Cytometry (LATFC)

Traditional Lyme disease tests such as Western Blot and ELISA tests rely on the patient being sick and for many Lyme disease sufferers these tests come back negative, adding to their confusion and misery. Unlike other Lyme tests, CFR's LATFC test, only available at Central Florida Research, can detect Lyme in any of its three stages:

Stage 1: Early localized infection – 1 to 4 weeks
Stage 2: Early Disseminated infection - 1 to 4 months
Stage 3: Late Persistent Infection – months and years after infection

The price seems to be $250, and the site claims that some insurance carriers will pay for it. They also offer Lyme testing for pets. See the site for explanations of the testing methodology. I will update this entry if I hear any reports from doctors about the efficacy of the tests. If you have any experience with this lab, please leave a comment.

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