Thursday, October 28, 2010

HBOT and Lyme update

Yesterday I had my approximately 35th hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It seems to go relatively normally. In fact, I have no trouble doing the dives at all. I seem to be getting better and better at clearing my ears as the dive progresses. I realized that I was clearing my ears in the wrong way, blowing from my lungs instead of just trying my neck or my face. It's hard to describe how I actually do it now. But it is much easier, and I don't put my lungs at risk.

In any case, today I am a mess. Actually, yesterday in the afternoon after the treatment I was, also. But this morning I am particularly a wreck. I guess I am having a symptom flare today. Last night despite the good news of the San Francisco Giants winning the first game in the World Series against the Texas rangers, I had ridiculously bad sleep, even with nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night with chest tremors and heart palpitations, and this morning being a wiggling mass of neurons. My feet and toes are out of control, my right arm and right hands are shaking like leaves, I have tremors in my chest, and I feel pretty depressed. This must be a symptom flare, with the hyperbaric oxygen treatment finally catching up to me. I can only hope it is good news, although I am apprehensive because tomorrow I have to get on a plane and travel to Virginia to see my family.

This probably sounds like toxic buildup from the hyperbaric treatments killing off the Lyme disease bugs. This probably is true. However, I have been trying to keep up with this and keep ahead of the toxicity by having colon hydrotherapy appointments. This week I had a two hour hydrotherapy appointment in fact! :-) Boy, that is fun. Pretty interesting way to get to know someone. The woman who runs the clinic and does the treatments for me -- Anne, at Body Harmony in San Francisco -- really knows her job. Usually, after the treatment I feel quite good. Tuesday was no exception. I probably could use another one now because I probably have additional toxic build up. Oh well, one can only do so much, and afford so much treatment at any one time. I will have to struggle through this, and go to hyperbaric oxygen treatment again today and hope I am not too much of a wreck to travel tomorrow.

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