Friday, September 11, 2009

Windows Vista sucks

Vista sucks! OK, yeah I have written two books about it, but that's because I write books about every version of Windows (since version 3.0). I can say quite clearly that Vista should not have been released, and was not ready for prime time. Windows 7 is Vista as it should have been released the first time. It is fast, light, and works. I have had nothing but trouble with Vista (despite some very cool features such as better security, amazing voice recognition, and an improved interface), since I have installed it on my VAIO desktop or purchased the 64-bit version in a HP tablet PC. Love the tablet, by the way (tx 2500) - a steal for $900. Friends are always asking if they should get Vista and I usually just clear my throat and struggle with what to say. Yes, security is better than on XP. Yes, managing multimedia is easier/better. Yes, the instant search box at the Start button is great, and breadcrumbs are cool. But waiting sometimes TEN MINUTES to boot up, or almost that long to shut down, or any number of other networking instability problems, or generally running a lot less briskly than XP -- it ain't worth it.

I have to admit that as of late I have been spoiled by the impeccable programming and interface design on the iPhone. I finally broke down and got one (3G s) and it is so slick, interface-wise, that every other PC or phone maker should be embarrassed by its mere existence. I will post a blog entry of my comparison of Windows Mobile to iPhone later. It's a long comparison but essentially, the iPhone experience has me thinking about Macs and Apple in a new way. That should mean a lot, coming from a guy who has written over 20 Windows books and stopped using Apple computers after the Lisa in the mid-80's and who simply hates that Macs are typically twice as expensive as PCs and run only a fraction of the software. But now with Intel-based Macs and the option of running Windows in parallel on a Mac,

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