Thursday, January 16, 2020

Commentary: Lyme disease led to my daughter’s death. Join the fight against tick-borne disease | CalMatters

Bad news, good news. 

By Jody Hudson, Special to CalMatters

My cause is personal, and my goal will not be deterred as I, and those joining with me, work to see that no other person suffers the way my daughter did.

A small tick bit her. That eventually led to her death. In 21st Century America, this should not have happened.

Alex Hudson's story exposes a medical system that remains unprepared to deal with debilitating illnesses that tick bites bring, including Lyme disease. 

In 2018, at age 22, Alex lost her battle with Lyme disease and the resulting Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, which caused her body to have an allergic-like reaction to almost anything she ate or drank.

Two-hundred children a day are diagnosed with Lyme disease. The U.S. Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention reports that cases of tick borne diseases had more than doubled from 2004 to 2016, from 22,000 to 48,000. 

Lyme disease accounted for 82% of all tick-borne diseases.

But you would never know when it comes to on-the-ground medical care. Alex spent a decade being shuttled….


--Bob Cowart

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