Thursday, March 7, 2019

Writing New Music Helped Avril Lavigne Live Through Terrifying Illness

I can really relate to this story below. You see, I've been playing piano since I was about 7 years old. When I had my most recent Lyme flareup in 2002, I actually forgot how to play the piano. I could not remember how to coordinate my hands and press the keys and the pedals. Worse yet, all the music I knew so well for decades I couldn't remember. I could not even read music. I remember looking at a Mozart sonata that I had known by memory and I could not decipher the notes on the pages. It just looked like hieroglyphics. I thought I had lost my best friend, my "go-to" comforting activity, for good. Well, I can report that with a lot of care from my LLMDs,  antibiotics, better diet, sleep studies to get my breathing at night working again, and good old Father Time, it all came back to me. I remembered the music I knew, even if my neurological damage made it difficult to coordinate and sit still at times. Maybe brain plasticity moved things around or my brain just needed to de-inflame or babesia had to be brought under control. Who knows? As I healed, I played more and more. I joined a choir in a church and played bass and keyboards there, getting a little better every week. I can say for sure that music is a healer. Listening, playing, singing, dancing — they all helped me tremendously. 

Check out what Avril Lavigne's experience with Lyme and music is/was:

The Canadian singer-songwriter opens up about a terrifying battle with illness and how writing new music saved her life.


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