Thursday, January 4, 2018

Weird EYE problems related to Lyme and Bartonella infection

Some of the "Weird" Eye Problems 
Associated With Lyme Disease & Bartonella

Lyme patients (approximately 5% +/-) often describe symptoms related to their vision that are dismissed or misdiagnosed by eye doctors not trained to recognize these problems.  A pat on the head, ignoring your questions, a rolling of their eyes, or a declaration of "all is well" when you know it isn't will let you know they don't know.  

If the symptoms or patient's problems are acknowledged they are often reported to be related to something other than an infection related to Lyme disease.  To note, Bartonella is sometimes the cause of "weird" eye symptoms too.  

If you experience any "weird" eye/brain symptoms you should see your local eye doctor.  If, after the typical causes for these various symptoms have been ruled out, there doesn't appear to be an explanation for the mild to severe visual disturbances you are experiencing, you are not alone and there is still hope.

These "weird" eye/brain symptoms, some of them described below, can best be addressed by treating the Lyme related infections that cause eye/brain problems such as meningitis, encephalitis, brain swelling, optic nerve damage, toxins, etc.

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