Friday, March 13, 2015

New Problem with Lyme in RI, again!

This is an important issue especially for Lyme patients in Rhode Island. However, legal precedents set in one state will not necessarily affect legislation around patients' rights in other states. Therefore, I have decided to repost this request on my blog. This originally came into me through a physicians' listserv that I participate in. The issue and the request by the author are self-explanatory, as you'll see below. 


Elaine Mullen Cassinelli RNBS.  Independent researcher.  

Hi All,

Rhode Island Lyme patients and all those who believe in a patient's freedom to obtain treatment need your help!!  Several weeks ago, we were elated  to learn that Dr. Michael Fine, the prior head of the Rhode Island Department of Health, who was director during the trumped-up investigation of Dr. James Gloor, a Lyme literate doctor, was stepping down.  However the new nominee for the position, chosen by Governor Gina Raimondo, is Dr.Nicole Alexander, the Infectious Disease Doctor who was responsible for sending out emails to dozens of physicians literally trolling for complaints against Dr. Gloor, in a way that was clearly contradictory to Rhode Island law!  Dr Alexander was working at Brown University, as well as acting as a consultant for the Department of Health, at the time she sent this email out, in clear violation of the rules of confidentiality of the board of medical licensure. She is not only not Lyme literate, she is hostile to the treatment of Lyme.

I am asking anyone who cares about these issues to PLEASE write a quick email to both Governor Raimondo and the Rhode Island senators who will be voting to approve or reject her nominee. If anyone would like to see the email that Dr. Alexander wrote, I would be happy to provide that. I am very much afraid that getting treatment for Lyme disease in Rhode Island is about to get harder unless we oppose this nomination. I will also let everyone know when the nomination hearing will be if anyone wants to attend or even to testify.  THANK YOU!!

Governor Gina Raimondo Office of the Governor 82 Smith Street Providence, RI 02903  Phone: (401) 222-2080 Fax: (401) 222-8096

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