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Master list of Lyme disease movies and videos

The release of Under Our Skin 2: Emergence has brought further attention to films related to Lyme disease. This is a list of some of the Lyme disease movies/videos. There are also many news video clips on Lyme disease. It is not a complete list, but a start. If anyone can expand on this, feel free to do so by leaving a comment for me here on my Lyme blog:

-Bob Cowart

This movie list was originally compiled and sent out on 8/29/2014 by Dr Robert Bransfield, an LLMD based in New Jersey, USA.


8/30/2014  I added about  8 more entries (Bob Cowart)

General coverage:

Under Our Skin, Under Our Skin 2: Emergence:


Invisible Illness: Lyme disease, TED:

French Lyme video: (52 minutes) “Lyme Disease: A Silent Epidemic"

Two versions -- one in French and one in English. It is very good and includes interviews of American as well as French LLMDs and patients (including Pr Christian Perronne and Dr Richard Horowitz).

It is called: Produced by France 5 Public Network

The Voices of Lyme Disease-Breaking the Silence created by Victoria Wilcox, a 16 year old girl and her friend, Sara Lynch:

Documentary Film on Lyme Disease and Stealth Infections, Invisibly Ill, Australia:

Great Lyme Disease Parody!  

Ode to Lyme Brain

Lyme Awareness Video

Under the Eight Ball:

The Lyme Altar: A People's History of Symptoms, Sacrifice and Hope
From Touchable Stories Productions (40 minutes)

Curable: Lyme Disease & Morgellon's
From Science of Medicine Publishing

Curable: Autsim, ADHD, Lyme Disease with Co-Infection & Morgellon's Disease
From Science of Medicine Publishing

Lyme Disease: What You Should Know (Lyme Disease Foundation)

Lyme Disease: The Holistic Approach (75 minutes)

From IngaVid Productions

Currently unavailable

Celebrity videos:

Yolanda Foster's Experience With Lyme: LRA Gala

Daryl Hall Speaks About Persistent Lyme Disease Infection

Dorothy Leland ( shared this story:


Alan MacDonald videos:

Mason Kuhn, Lyme and Autism, video is half way down the blog:

Pr Luc Montagnier on Lyme disease, autism and chronic infections

Lyme Disease - Seasons On The Fly, Dr Jason West:


Rep. Mario Scavello poses some questions at the House Appropriations Committee budget hearing with the Department of Health.

Rep. Scavello Asks About Lyme Disease at Health Budget Hearingd

Some ILADS videos:

Also, do an Internet search of Lyme or Lyme + video + the names of the doctors involved with Lyme disease to find many additional videos. When I did this with my name I was surprised to find 7 videos.


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