Monday, July 28, 2014

USA Today article about a woman in Iowa with a Lyme diagnosis

Living with Lyme disease, searching for answers 
Kiersten Hathaway had a rash last fall. 
The Panora, Iowa, woman wondered whether it was Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by deer tick bites. She looked at pictures online, but didn't think her outbreak matched the red bull's-eye associated with Lyme disease. She didn't have a doctor check her hypothesis. She regrets that. 

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  1. How sad both of these people could not get proper medical diagnosis for a bacterial infection. True it can be cured if given antibiotics immediately, but doctors don't do that so it becomes chronic lyme and then they really don't want to do anything. If you get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia I would run to find a lyme literate doctor. I spent 10 years dying of lyme and was finally helped by someone who knows something about lyme. Doing fine now so don't say antibiotics for a long term is dangerous. It saved my life.


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