Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dr David Martz cured from ALS

2011 IDA Research Award - Dr David Martz

Dr. David Martz talks about his own case of ALS, and how he was prepared to die from it. As he was 'getting his ducks in a row' a colleague suggested he be tested for Lyme. Here's his amazing story of recovery from this usually terminal disease.

The 2011 IDA Research Award was presented to Dr. David Martz at the Invisible Disabilities Association Honor Awards Banquet.

Dr. Martz was chosen based upon his extensive ALS-Motor Neuron Disease and Lyme disease research as a physician and a board member of the International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Born out of his personal experience with Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS), Dr Martz has a passion to discover possible treatments for patients living with these illnesses.

Here's the video:


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