Sunday, January 29, 2012

GcMAF for Treating Lyme

Mt. Sinai ME/CFS conference - De Meirleir lecture

My LLMD recently prescribed GcMAF for treating my Lyme/Parkinson's. GcMAF (Gc protein macrophage activation factor) is an immune-regulating compound developed in Europe that may have benefit for those of us struggling with immune system-related issues, such as Lyme disease, CFS, etc. Below is a description and link to a web site about CFS, with a video about GcMAF.

Six presentations were given at the Mt. Sinai ME/CFS Research and Treatment Center conference on Sunday November 20, 2011. Here is a lecture delivered by Dr. Kenny De Meirleir, who practices medicine in Brussels. Dr. De Meirleir has worked with ME/CFS patients for many years and is seen as one of the foremost ME/CFS Clinician/Researchers. Dr. De Meirleir spoke for a half-hour on the compassionate use of GcMAF in this patient population. Dr. De Meirleir will be associated with this new ME/CFS Center at Mt. Sinai- as a clinical consultant.

see video here:


  1. Hi Bob, I am taking the Homeo KMAF made by Dr Klinghardt. Started it a week ago

  2. Interesting. I don't know about it. How does it compare to GcMAF?

  3. I am taking Gcmaf, but too soon to tell what will happen, Dr. Klinghardt has been a pretty great doctor for me, so I do have trust with this. I took the nagalese test and was a high candidate for success with gcmaf. Thanks for making this site. Theresa


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