Monday, September 14, 2009

My Windows 7 Book

 Shameless self-promotion department: For you Microsoft Windows 7 users, you may want to check out my new book on the topic. My coauthor, Brian Knittel, and I are really pleased with how this book came out. It's 1100 pages long, is published by Que (they have been my publisher for about a decade now), and is dubbed Windows 7 In Depth. It covers all versions of Windows 7. Check it out on Amazon, where you can read the table of contents and a description, and if you have a Kindle or Kindle Reader software, you can be reading it in less than a minute. Here's a little more info:



Product Description


Beyond the Basics…Beneath the Surface…In Depth

Microsoft Windows 7 In Depth is the comprehensive guide to Microsoft's Windows 7 for everyone who's no longer a Windows beginner: corporate, small office/home office, and personal users alike. Top Windows authors Robert Cowart and Brian Knittel have packed this 1,100-page book with intensely useful and practical information that can't be found elsewhere. You can turn here for expert guidance on... " Migrating to Windows 7 as an individual - or rolling it out throughout a business " Making the most of Windows 7's powerhouse media tools " Installing, configuring, and managing Windows 7 networks more quickly and efficiently " Securing Windows 7 PCs against spam, spyware, viruses and other "Net Nasties" " Using the updated Windows 7 interface more efficiently " Troubleshooting and solving Windows 7 problems more rapidly " And much more..


About the Authors

Robert Cowart has written more than 40 books that have sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. He made his name writing for Sybex and Osborne, most notably the best-selling Mastering Windows series of books. As an author and media developer for Que, Bob has written numerous Windows titles, including multiple editions of Que’s flagship Windows book, Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows. Bob recently graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI), starting his private practice as a psychotherapist in Northern California.

Brian Knittel is a software developer, consultant, and writer. He’s authored or coauthored many of Que’s best-selling Windows books, including Que’s leading Windows book, Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows. Brian also is the author of Windows XP Under the Hood and coauthored Upgrading and Repairing Microsoft Windows with Scott Mueller.

Here's the link.

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